You’ll Be Shocked To See How These Celebs Have Aged!

Everyone says how beautiful all of Hollywood is…but not everyone “stays” beautiful. Some celebrities fall deep into the  partying black hole that Tinsle Town can become. And, that can really bring these people down, and make them look like a whole new person, and not a more attractive person. These particular celebrities got swallowed by Hollywood, and spit out. Judge for yourself!

Lindsay Lohan: 26 Years Old

2008 MTV Movie Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, California

 Melanie Griffith was once a comedic cutie, but the star appears to have had several cosmetic surgeries, which have aged her dramatically.

Melanie Griffith

 Heidi Montag famously underwent several plastic surgery procedures in one day, aging herself a decade in record time.

Heidi Montag

 Benecio Del Toro looks more homeless than hot the older he gets.

2008 Cannes Film Festival - Palme d'Or Closing Ceremony Arrivals

 Kate Hudson’s mother Goldie Hawn was one of the sexiest stars of her era.


Yes, that’s Sinead O’Connor on your left AND your right! She shocked her fans when she hit the stage with a drastic new look. Her look has “evolved” several times over the years.

1990 MTV Video Music Awards

 Keith Richards is one of the hardest-partying rockstars in history – and it now shows!


 Action star Steven Seagal has failed to maintain his muscular and fit figure.


 Mickey Rourke was one of the sexiest Hollywood hunks in history, but after his boxing career, the actor’s face never fully recovered.


Talk about Weird Science! Kelly LeBrock looks nothing like her former self.


Former Hollywood heartthrob Val Kilmer packed on the pounds for a while and looked nothing like he did in his younger years.

The 43rd Annual GRAMMY Awards - EMI Group After Party

 Nick Nolte went from hot to homeless looking!

"Cannery Row" Wrap Party

Brigitte Nielsen tried to resurrect her career years ago on The Surreal Life, but the former model and wife of Sly Stallone definitely didn’t dazzle the same way.

Billy Wilder's 1987 New Year's Eve Party

Once the biggest supermodel in the world, Janice Dickinson has had a few too many procedures.


Axl Rose still rocks but has an entirely different look.

Guns n Roses - Rock in Rio II, Brazil - 1991

The years haven’t been kind to Donatella Versace!

Los Angeles 36138 -669 521 Fire And Ice Ball : Donatella Versace Photo Barry King / Gamma L

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