The Strange World of Asian Beauty Products

No doubt that Asians are very innovative people. And, well….when it comes to beauty products, their innovative tendencies tend to clash with their own desire to surpass expectations. Do these products work? Maybe, maybe not. But, either way, they make for great entertainment!

Facewaver Exercise Mask


The Facewaver claims to stretch and tighten your face and cheeks, ridding you of wrinkles and sagging.. Just pay the $60 price tag and wear it five minutes a day and you to can look this silly.

Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece


The easy solution to the age old problem of how to give saggy facial skin a lift. The manufacturer recommends. Pop it in for 3 minutes a day and say vowel sounds over and over again. So evidently quietly looking ridiculous is not enough, you must sound it too. With a $63 price tag The Face slimmer mouthpiece is one of the weirdest beauty products we’ve seen!

Beauty Lift High Nose


Now this just seems like some sore of torture device! This device clips onto your nose. You turn it on and it emits electronic vibrations to your nose. It’s purpose is to lift your nose to improve your profile. I’m not sure how effective it is, but I think I’d rather keep my nose shape (or even go under the knife once) than spend 3 minutes every day beings zapped in the face.

Eyelid Trainer


The eyelid trainer is quite a silly looking little device. Japan Trend Shop’s description for it is “This Eyelid Trainer is a smart and simple way to give your eyes the “double eyelid” that many Japanese girls want to get in order to stand out from everyone else with the typical Asian look. This kind of beauty tool is one painless and cheap way to help shape your eyelids without the need for cosmetic surgery.” It seems while girls here in the U.S. try to make their eyes look more asian, a percentage of asians are trying to do the opposite. Goes to show you always want what you do not have.

Face Upper anti-aging mouthpiece


This seems like a cure for bitchy resting face syndrome.

Facial Lift At Once Face Trainer



It’s like a marathon for your face. Well basically you put this thing in your mouth and hold it with your lips. The manufacturer warns it should not touch your teeth (obviously it could break them) turn it one and it vibrates randomly at 4 levels of strength… $78 and 3 minutes a day with this baby and you’ll be looking youthful in no time, or so it claims.

Hana Tsun Nose Straightener



This nose clip boosts itself as being a cheaper, painless alternative to plastic surgery. But I don’t know how comfortable that thing is, it sure doesn’t look it. The supposed purpose of the device is to straighten and perk up your nose while wearing it for 20 minutes each day, to improve your profile.

Beauty Voice Trainer


Evidentally this product is intended to help with (you guessed it) your voice! The mouthpiece is designed to position your tongue so your voice passage is more open for a strong sound. It also claims to help with breathing and as a guide includes a tuning fork. Just 5 minutes a day, and you too will be piping out notes just like Rihanna!



Another nose shaper, to make you look fashionable, there is a butterfly attached.


Weight-loss slippers. Don’t they look comfy?


Weight loss straps.


Mouth shaper. Against wrinkles and for firm cheeks.


Face massager.


Eye glue.

Have you ever used a beauty product of Asia? Did it work for you? Share with friends!

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