Best Sites For Poor People Who Still Want To Buy Stuff

Are you broke? Poor? Or just cheap? But, you still like to shop? Then, these websites are totally for YOU! They all have one thing in common…cool stuff, for low pricing. It’s not just cool stuff. It’s stuff that you won’t find anywhere else. Like, if you go to the mall for a unique gift….not going to happen, sorry. You just have to log onto these stores’ websites! Happy shopping!


Skymall for people on a budget. Awesome selection, something for everyone!


Lots of pretty cool stuff for men, women, holidays etc. Pretty good clearance section and also a “under 10$” “under 20$” “under 30$” etc selection to choose from.


A geeks gift guide of gadgets, gear and novelties!


By the name of this website you know you probably won’t be finding anything in here that will change someones life. But on the other hand…


A web magazine featuring brilliant inventions, odd gadgets, and unique gifts for men


The home of seriously cool gadgets. A lot of pricier stuff on here but still a pretty good selection of cheaper stuff.


Behold! The worlds most innovative stuff! Lots of stuff for all interests. Doesn’t have a sort by price option which is annoying but still a lot of cool stuff.


The funny gift crusader!


pretty decent selection of 25$ and under gifts

We know you want to buy everything on these websites, but that would defy “budget shopping” 🙂 Share with friends!

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