15+ Products You Must Have for 2016

Calling all tech lovers! This is the year technology will not only blow you away. It will also pave the way for a “technology renaissance”, if you will. This is because most of the gadgets coming out in 2016, are so revolutionary, so different, and so unique, that it will inspire many engineers, designers, scientists, etc to create. This year’s gadgets are forming a platform for the future of our human lives. Interestingly enough, the one pattern seen in this year’s top gadgets, is the fact that they all replace day to day human activities. So, yes…technology is more than ever before, taking over our lives. But, hey….the great news is that they’re making our lives a whole lot easier!



The smart umbrella lets you know when it’s going to rain and reminds you not to leave it behind. It might not be the most necessary thing in the world, but it’s pretty impressive.

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