16 Embarrassing Secrets Every 90s Kid Had

The 90s may seem ancient to us, but honestly…it was one of the most epic decades ever! It was also the start of life changing products, gadgets, toys, oh my! The internet became our new best friend, and we never came back for air from that. Now, we are dominated by the internet. It’s with us and our smart phones 24-7. Thank you 90s for brewing up the addiction. But, besides that, there are many other things we might not be so proud of during the 90s…..

You confessed actual secrets to strangers in a chat room…IS ANYONE OUT THERE?


 Only years later did you fully understand the placement of the Chrysler Building.


 You actually felt sad when your Tamagotchi pet died.


 You spelled out the naughtiest word you knew on your Lite Brite, with one eye on your bedroom door… Chances are, it was S-E-X.


 You really wanted to know what the slime tasted like.


 You really wanted to sneak into the curtained ”adults only” section of your local video store…


 Every time you ate a Popsicle, you felt guilty for chewing the stick… SIMMER DOWN.


You had a lot of thoughts about your Barbie and Ken dolls, and the smoothness of their anatomy… Should mine look like that?


 You ate way more Bubble Tape than you’ll ever admit out loud…Was there anyone who actually chewed it for more than two minutes


You sometimes feared that maybe you weren’t actually the Clarissa of your family. MAYBE YOU WERE THE FERGUSON…Ferg-Face 🙁


More than once, you tried to trick your Furby into revealing it was actually alive…AND YOU SWEAR THAT ONE TIME, YOU SAW IT SMI



 You were legitimately attracted to a cartoon character…They might not be real, but the lust was.


You went to summer camp each year half-expecting and half-hoping to meet your twin.


You thought you were probably allergic to bees even though you had no reason to think that


You thought you were safer sniffing a green Mr. Sketch marker than a red or black one.


Can you admit to all of these? Share with friends!

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